Two years ago we organized Himmeli workshops with finnish Himmeli artist Eija Koski. On one workshop we had participants from “Strohmuseum”, which lead to further cooperation between them and Eija. Her solo exhibition will open on September 27th, and will go on until March 24th 2019. Please find the details from PDF below and visit...
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Golden Stripe Suomi Pop-up 2018
Summer is slowly turning to autumn, green colors to golden tones. That means, preparations for Suomi Pop-up 2018 are getting more intense. Follow our updates here, on Facebook or Instagram and see you at Felsenegg-Keller in two months!
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Suomi Pop-Up 2014
Two busy weeks after Suomi Pop-Up have passed by, but we don’t want to think it’s too late to say a big “Thank You!” for all our visitors. We hope you enjoyed our event this year like we did! We have already started to plan the next Pop-Up… What would you like to see next...
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The atmosphere at Felsenegg-Keller starts to take it’s direction to north!
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SUOMI POP-UP | 7.-9.11.2019


Spiegelgasse 18, 8001 Zürich

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