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Why are we popping-up at BRIDGE?
Two years ago we had visitors from BRIDGE project team on our opening evening at Suomi Pop-up. We of course did not know this, and maybe there were only few who knew about BRIDGE at all… Now we know, that BRIDGE is the new meeting place for food culture in Zürich and it celebrates not only the swiss but various food cultures around the world.
That evening two years ago was special one with three lovely guests from Finland, giving short presentations about their work. It was filled with discussions around delicious Nordic finger food, done by one of the guests, passionate chef Sanna Hjelman. The visitors from BRIDGE were impressed about our selection of functional Nordic products, interesting presentations, the special food and the authentic atmosphere.

Later on they contacted us and several meetings followed, us trying to explain what else but Santa Claus and reindeers do we have up there in north (a lot!), and how the Nordics could be brought to BRIDGE. The pandemic stretched and shaked all the plans, but the dates were locked in teh end of August this year. Now the pnademic is again shaking us a little bit, but Suomi Pop-up will be held at BRIDGE on the coming weekend, as opening event for their “Northern Lights” theme months.
We let the chefs do the cooking though and stay true to our style; we will bring a tiny bit of authentic Nordic culture along and show a nice selection of functional, mostly handmade design crafts as well as some Finnish design icons and selected specialities. There will be some Finnish/Nordic food too, for example cinnamon rolls!
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Please note, that we are not popping up in Felsenegg-Keller this year, but with a “special edition” at


Europaallee 22, 8004 Zürich

We are open 3.-5.12.2021

Fri 12-21 | Sat 12-18 | Sun 10-17


Friday at 18-19

Meet the maker Brunch

Saturday 10.30-12

Meet and greet

Makers & Doers

Pop-up brings together the best Finnish creative makers and doers living in Switzerland. Find out more on “Makers & Doers” page. All the participating makers will be happy to tell more about their work and products. Please feel free to contact them directly if you have any questions!

This year we will also have special program on opening evening. -> Program

On Saturday 4th Dec, there will also be “Meet and greet” event with our guest Kati Hienonen from Finland.

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If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Sanna Heikintalo

+41 79 392 46 41

Anna Saarinen

+41 79 249 71 11



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