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Suomi Pop-up is an annual event for Finnish design crafts and other unique, sustainable high quality products with nordic flavor.

It all began with an idea to provide a temporary showroom for Finnish creatives living in Switzerland, to present their products and skills. The first ever Suomi Pop-up took place 2012, which means it’s already our 10th year now!

We have exhibitors who have been along since the beginning and many who have participated several years. Our aim is to each year have something new in our selection though, as well as bring products and makers from Finland to us. During the 3 day event all the exhibitors are available at the venue to present their work and products – great opportunity to learn about all the details related to their work and get more personal connection to all the products. Beside the exhibition we have also organized workshops and concerts. And, to guarantee something for all senses, Pop-up Café with fresh baked cinnamon rolls and other nordic style snacks have made our event cosy, smooth beginning of the festive season.

Suomi Pop-up is an non-profit organisation, run on voluntary basis by Anna Saarinen, Sanna Heikintalo, Leena Pinomaa und Rena Morlock.




Suomi Pop Up, Felsenegg-Keller
Suomi Pop-up at Felsenegg-Keller, Zürich. Temporary showroom for finnish design crafts & arts. Photo © Sanna Heikintalo



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