Review of the Suomi Pop-up programme 2021

Meet special guests and feel the Nordics!

During our three day event you can meet all of us makers and feel the nordic atmosphere through the works exhibited, cinnamon rolls available, and the joyful discussions we and our visitors tend to fall into. On top of that we will have an opening ceremony on Friday evening with special guests: designer Ville Kokkonen and honorary consul of Finland in Zürich, Tommi Mäkynen.

Due to current unstable situation with travel restrictions it was not possible for our finnish guest Kati Hienonen to travel from Finland. We apologize, that we have to cancel Meet the maker Brunch on Saturday. Please stay tuned  though – there will be possibility for that brunch next year for sure!

Friday evening does not require reservation, but the space is limited to 50 people. We kindly recommend you to come early enough and ask for your patience and tolerance in case we cannot fit everyone in.

Friday 3rd Dec, 6 –7 pm

Opening evening


designer Ville Kokkonen & honorary consul of finland in Zürich Tommi Mäkynen

About Iittala, it’s design history and making of the new Iittala book


On our opening evening designer Ville Kokkonen gives short presentation about Iittala, it’s design history and the new Iittala book. He has together with architect Florencia Colombo edited the Iittala book, published by Phaidon. The presentation will be in english and afterwards there will be time for discussions and questions.

We previously announced, that the ambassador of Finland, Mr. Valtteri Hirvonen will bring his greetings to our event too, but unfortunately he had to cancel his participation due to the unstable situation. Instead we are delighted to welcome Mr. Tommi Mäkynen, honorary consul of Finland in Zürich to our opening evening.

The evening is open for all without reservations. Please note, that the space is limited and we kindly ask you to respect the existing covid rules.


About the iittala book:

iittala is a world-renowned master of Finnish design, producing objects that are as timeless and beautiful as they are essential. Here, for the first time, products and images from different decades are brought together to document the company’s growth dynamically from a small glass workshop in a remote village to one of the design world’s most recognisable brands. The result: a lavishly illustrated chronicle of iittala’s fabulous designs, progressive philosophies, and unique working methods.

About the editors:

Florencia Colombo is an architect and Ville Kokkonen is the director of Ville Kokkonen Office For Industrial Design, a practice driven by technological and scientific discovery. Based in the Swiss Alps, their joint enterprise, Colombo / Kokkonen, specialises in the conceptual, editorial, and design direction of cultural projects. At the intersection of architecture, design, and the social and natural sciences, the practice applies holistic thinking to research, curating, and publishing.


Cancelled, or better said postponed to next year!

meet the Maker

Kati Hienonen, Bonden Living
Founder of Bonden Living

Kati Hienonen

Future trend analysis & product development with finnish lamb wool


Due to the very unsure situation around the world, it is not wise to travel right now, if there isn’t urgent need. We decided not to cancel, but to postone Meet the Maker Event with Kati. She is truly looking forward to coming to Switzerland, when the pandemic situation is less turbulent again.

Please stay tuned!


Enjoy Saturday brunch with us, meet the maker Kati Hienonen and hear her story how the brand Bonden was built to meet the needs of the sustainable, carbon neutral present and future.

Kati is a trendanalyst, and she has long background within textile industry. With her brand Bonden she has combined the two, and developed methods to work with finnish lamb wool, which until these days has mostly been thrown away as waste.