Thursday 7th November, 8 pm.

Meet our special guests!

On our opening evening we invite you to meet our special guests from Finland. Through their knowledge we have an exclusive possibility to dive into the latest lifestyle trends of sustainable fashion, craftmanship and food in Finland. After the short presentations (in english) discussions can go on and we all can enjoy some drinks and snacks with nordic flavors.

We kindly recommend you to reserve a spot by sending email to mail(at) Thank you!

Master students & founders of Jouten

Emmi & Eljas

Time to slow down?
Discussing innovative material trends guiding us towards “slow fashion” and more sustainable clothing industry.


Driven by research and design, Jouten creates contemporary style out of recycled hotel towels.

Jouten* is an experimental research-oriented design studio from Helsinki, Finland inspired by untapped, yet recyclable high-quality materials such as industry surplus. Founded in 2015 and run by designer duo Emmi Lonka and Eljas Pajamies, Jouten shifts perspectives from the mundane to the emerging aiming at imaginative sustainable fashion.

*Jouten = adverb in the Finnish language for being unoccupied

Owner of Lokal Helsinki

katja hagelstam

The importance of supporting craftsmanship, and valuing handmade quality in sustainable consumption


Katja Hagelstam, born in Helsinki in 1965, began her professional career as a photographer. Having mainly focused on interiors, architecture and art objects for over 20 years, she developed an eye for quality, detail and timeless aesthetics. This inevitably led to the birth of Lokal – a open space where to show curated art and design by local contemporary creators.
Lokal is a Helsinki home for various mediums, ranging from the finest ceramics, glass, furniture and textiles pieces to paintings and photographic art. Since the opening of Lokal in 2012, Katja has curated close to 60 exhibitions at the gallery as well as various other locations both in Finland and abroad. She enjoys bringing people together, ultimately providing a platform for a creative community to flourish, all the while promoting sustainable, ethical and ecological values within the field.


Sanna Hjelman
Passionate cook & foodie

Sanna Hjelman

Wild & sustainable
food trends from north


“I’m a passionated cook and foodie from Helsinki. In a continuous search finding fresh food trends and new flavours, I am also loyal to my roots and heritage as one of the cooks in my family. Today us consumers, but also the culinary professionals, are facing the need to rethink our food consumption. Sustainability on mind, vegan cooking and products have found their ways to consumers and restaurants kitchens, foraging and wild food are hottest trends. Seems like there is a need to go back to the roots. Literally.”