The atmosphere at Felsenegg-Keller starts to take it’s direction to north!
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After unbelievably sunny and warm July in Finland, we are back from holidays and slowly getting full speed with organising Suomi Pop-Up. We also have some great news for You: We are proud to present Katja Hagelstam, owner of Lokal, the coolest concept store in Helsinki. She will be with us at Suomi Pop-Up with...
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Some of you might already have noticed the information about Suomi Pop-Up 2014 in the SVFF Zürich newsletter, in Finnland Magazin or in Finnland.Cool program… Yes, Suomi Pop-Up 2014 will be held on 6th-8th November!  
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Without all of You who were popping by, our event would not have been anything. I hope You had as fun time as we did!    
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Tomorrow morning (that means in couple of hours or so) we open the doors of Suomi Pop-Up 2013. After a whole day work at Felsenegg-Keller, it really looks nice down there now. Just the delicate smell of cinnamon rolls and hot glögg was missing today, but that will be corrected tomorrow. You all are most...
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After a week of waiting, the 2500 flyers finally arrived today. The poor package looked like it would’ve travelled three times around Europe, but luckily the content had survived almost without damages. We are looking forward to our event, and hope we will reach many people with our flyers!
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SUOMI POP-UP | 7.-9.11.2019


Spiegelgasse 18, 8001 Zürich

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