Urbanbikestore | Riikka Koski

Photos Helkama and Riikka Koski.
Photos © Riikka Koski and Helkama.

Urbanbikestore.com brings Jopo bicycles to Switzerland. Jopo is a joyful iconic Finnish bike that gives you the most comfortable and relaxed riding experience. This fun bike has a long history: The name “Jopo” comes from “jokaisen polkupyörä” which translates into “everyman’s bicycle”, meaning that a Jopo bike can be adjusted to all shapes and sizes. Jopo was invented and is manufactured by the Finnish company Helkama in Finland.

Riikka moved to Switzerland together with her precious Jopo few years ago. Cycling around the city and along the lakeside, her bike was getting attention – and so the idea of bringing the joy of Jopo for Swiss was born!

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Watch the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QLCK_OwXIoU
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