Exhibitors 2017

annasaarinen Textilmanufaktur, Anna Scherrer-Saarinen | Rugs and Mohair blankets | Teppiche und Mohair-Decken | www.annasaarinen.ch

anufaktur, Anu Kälin-Kelho | Ceramics | Keramik

Choice Finland | Natural cosmetics | Naturkosmetik| choicefinland.com

Kids Kingdom | Children’s clothing | Kinderkleider

Leena Pinomaa | Kitchen textiles of linen | Küchentextilien aus Leinen | www.pinomaa.ch

Ompelus, Paula Diener-Kivelä | Handbags & accessoires of reindeer leather | Taschen und Accessoires aus Rentierleder | www.ompelus.ch

Raum 358 | Design Crafts | raum358

Rebersdesign, Elina Rebers | Textiles | Textilien | elinarebers.fi

saaras, Saara Hirn | Fashion from Finland | Mode aus Finnland | www.saaras.ch

Sanna Heikintalo | Photographs & Handmade photographic cards | Fotos und Fotokarten | www.sannaheikintalo.com

In addition we also have a small selection of products from Lokal, a showroom gallery for contemporary arts & design crafts in Helsinki, as well as some books and DIY-Himmeli packages from Eija Koski, whos workshops last year were a great success.

We also have the official Finland 100 years jewellery “Monument” from master jeweller Mika Tarkkanen on display and it is possible to order it with a special price.

In our Archive you can explore the choice of products on previous years.